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Greetings. Roubideau Farm does not sell raw goat milk cheese. The farm does make small quantities of lovely cheese that is described below but is strictly prohibited from selling it to anyone. Nor does the farm sell goat milk shares.

Presently the farm raises 30 goat does. Due to 4 generations of ages kept on the property, typically we select and milk for our own private consumption and cheese making–12 goats on average. The daily milk intake is 2.5 to 4 gallons high season, enough to make a wheel of goat cheddar cheese or some Rochforte style blu for instance. Below please find the descriptions of farmstead cheese made on the farm in remote Western Colorado.

[ Raw Goat Milk ]
“60-90 Days” Exceptional and Creamy Blue Cheese Found Only Here in Western Colorado, Made with Exacting Care. Described as a “Combination Epoisses and Roquefort”. Blue Mesa Can be Eaten at Different Stages of Maturation/ Affinage
CABÉCOU! ® (Ripened)
[ Raw Goat Milk ]
“7-21 Days” These are happy buttons of farmstead cheese. [Kah-bay-coo] Requires milk-so-fresh, that many times it’s taken warm from our goats and turned immediately into cheese. It can offer the full Terroir of the land and compliments a welcome glass of your favorite valley red or white. (Honey is that you or is it the Cabecou!!?)
[ Raw Goat Milk ]
A Cast Fresh Soft Chevre 2 Days old Smooth & Complex. The Mother of Our Cheese Lineage in Cone and Log Shape. Plain—Thyme-Lavender—Black Cracked Pepper—Chive—Dried Cranberry—Dried Apricot or Walnuts.

The farm sells a pasteurized version of this cheese at local farmers markets.
[ Raw Goat Milk ]
“90-120” Day –Tomme! It’s a rind cheese. –There are hundreds of varieties of Tomme made in France. Tomme can be made from goat or cow milk. One thing in common; a lipase, salt washed, scrubbed crust rind in bronze, orange or blue. Distinctive rich taste. Flavor notes of chestnuts & hazelnuts. Not a rippened cheese it’s Our Colorado Mountain Aged Rind Cheese.
[ Raw Goat Milk ]
Insanely Popular: A Fresh Firm Lightly Salted Raw Milk Cheese Cut in Medallions and placed in First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, OG Garden Thyme/ or OG Rosemary, with our Fresh Garden Garlic and Lemon Juice.

The farm sells a pasteurized version of this cheese at local farmers markets.
( In Search of Roubideau )
[ Raw Goat Milk ]
These would be our award winners if we messed with trying to win prizes. Farm Young Cheddar’s “61 Days”. Elegant with Understated Beauty. Some with Whole Garden Fresh Sage Leaves Pressed and Patterned on the Top Surface —and Crushed Neatly in the Center of the Wheel Creating a Natural Strata. Also Caraway.
[ Raw Goat Milk ]
Top Seller: “15 Days” A Gorgeous 3” Disk x 2-” High. White Rippened Croute Fleurie Turned Daily. Creamy-to-the-Core with a Velvety White Crust & Copper Highlights — Complex Old World Flavor—Fine Edible Rind
[ Raw Goat Milk ]
“15 Days” Firm & Tart – “Brined” Mini-Disks–Rinsed Twice Daily in a Bath of Finely Ground Unrefined Sea Salt Harvested From the North French Atlantic Coasts
OPAL® —PYRAMID (In Ash or Corsicana)
[ Raw Goat Milk ]

Esoteric Prizes. Watched & compared in storage. We hate to see them go. Aged; Once Fresh Cheese. Luscious Eatable Iridescent Rind. Complex Firm Ivory Cream Core. Traditional French Style over “90 Days” Under strata coated in one-of-two-ways: either in a Layer of Finely Meshed Cottonwood Ashes Burnt Hot & Clean… Providing a Mineral Rich Medium to Age and Mature the Mesophilic Culture. In France “Ash” is well known in the Alps. / OR / In Herbs-de-Corsica in OG Thyme & OG Lavender –Rustic & Dry Style with a very pleasant “bite” that is well known. That mingles on the palate with ruby red wine.

Roubideau Farm-to-You
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All Cheeses Made On Our Little Country Farm In Delta, Colorado

—Raw Milk Cheese Products are Farmstead/artisan crafted & Not Sold to anyone.

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Shu-Shu and Fat Lady

What particularly comes to mind are the Roubideau cheddars and tomme rind cheeses. Only time separates their names. Because in time the cheddars will develop rinds that encase the cheeses as they begin to age, thus creating what is known as a washable rind.

Since the cheeses are from raw milk, the mildest of farm cheddars across time -if- they simply sit still in our cave conditions just long enough; will indeed age to become the most formidable and robust tomme rind cheeses.

Many well versed affectionados can only hope to imagine to pair these aged cheeses with a favorite wine.

As for the cheeses that “safely make the trip through affinage”; some even have affectionate names was we wait for them to mature: We gave a couple of names to some noble and memorable examples of cheeses that took the test of time.

“Shu-shu” was a fresh goat cheese submerged in crushed pressed chardonnary grapes for 3 months. It was a lump of flavorful cheese only the size of a fist. (We had the chance to try her on New Years Eve, and after a short respite pushing ourselves away from the table, we went back to the counter to wrap Shu-shu up for the late night and she was gone. One of our hunting dogs jumped the table and took it. Corinne was very angry but it was New Years and I was not about to start the year by wacking the dog).

Then there was Fat-Girl, a young wheel of cheddar that bowed widely as its center. It had a higher than normal fat content. It had to be watched carefully and was never quite right in it’s aroma. Lipased cheddars become stronger tasting. She was the proverbial ugly swan. Since it was a “cheese being” as our cheeses are bioactive and alive, we accorded it some level of respect and paid it lip service by keeping it like a pet, and continued to cast her to be back of the stack in the aging room for only periodic review.

In the end, when little great cheese remained, Fat-girl found herself becoming a fine rind tomme, and she became the life of the party surrounded by the halves, “have-nots” and quarters; the sliced bits and pieces of our most memorable cheese remnants that made it to the “Plateau de Fromages” at our dinner table. She became known as Fat Lady and the wheel articulated many great flavor notes to the ohhs-and-ahhs of dinner guests as she made the tour.

The “Plateau” is typically an after dinner cheese board at the center of the table, consumed after a fine meal and will command it’s own wine, sometimes a dessert wine, or, one of the remaining favorites of the table that evening. At which point like a spokewheel, we go round table and somehow wrap up the conversations of the evening in hopes we were able to solve all of the worlds problems but seemingly never our own.

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Our Fine Cheeses and Meats in the European Farmstead Tradition

We are pleased to communicate the things we love most …and that certainly is our farmstead cheese and meat (Fromage et Charcuterie) in Western Colorado’s wine and agricultural region in and around the North Fork. We want to tell you about some rather delectable descriptions of our farmstead products. In the meantime, you can ask us to add a friend or delete you off the weekly mailing list; cheerfully.

You can reach us at | Merci! |
Corinne and Joseph Coniglio | Roubideau Farm-to-You | 3249 1600 Road | Delta | Colorado| 81416 | USA | (970) 399-7175 |

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